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(Forgive but this page by unfully translated)

Edge karpatian like created for poets and tourists, amateurs most fine. For it myself, as song, as legend. Sometimes it seems to me, that even time here stopped its running and thirsty eyes looks at Karpaty beauty.

Languages helmets of fairy-tale giants, prop up a sky alps. Silver видзвонюють fleeting streams and, breaking forth from тіснин, spill on plain by wide reaches. Mysteriously are noisy the slender карпатські beauties-firs rocked by wind, filling air up by healthful soft resin smells. Духмяніють herbages, that by green carpet covered піднебесні полонини...

You care about rejoice at calm and majestic beauty? Want поспілкуватись with hospitable masters of this edge? Then a road to You стелиться on Прикарпаття. It are said, who though once had been here, that's why heavily to forget magic beauty of придністровських dales and green mountain tops. Of some use in lenten "Верховино, світку thou our"well known, a melody of which stood call-sign regional radio, sings:

Hey, that we there Поділля edge?
To Us a полонина is Поділля,
And the бори are a steppe, silver fir is have,
And beast voice is a wedding!

Івано-Франківська domain disposed westering Ukraine. It borders on Львівською, by domains Тернопільською, Чернівецькою and Закарпатською. On extreme south впродовж 50 км domain boundary path is by state Ukraine boundary with Румунією. Boundary path from by Закарпаттям passing on Карпатському spine, during ages, to 1945 year also was by boundary then with Угорщина, then with Чехословаччина.

A Domain for territory comparatively small, but for relief disposition belongs to number most мальовничих in Ukraine. A territory Third occupy the Карпатські mountains, and two thirds are передгірська and flat zones. A Flat zone is found on north-eastward adjoins to Дністра. Here is found a regional centre is town Івано-Франківськ (255 м over sea level ). Передгірську part compose the hilly foot-hills. Mountain part of domain is busy with East Карпатами, that subdivide on Чорногора massifs, Гринява, Чивчини. Here, in Чорногірському spine, on scope from by Закарпаттям brings highest Ukraine mountain Говерла (2061 м). The Climatic conditions are a soft winter from by middle temperature -5° С and warm summer (+ 18° С) is assist organizations of all-the-year-round rest and cure. Snow on Карпат slopes lies a little months, that importantly for development of гірськолижного sport. Rivers in considerable part fleeting, form the cascades waterfalls, that is valuable for water tourism. By Most small rivers are is glorified in popular creation grey Дністер and fleeting Twig, which takes beginning on domain territory from under Говерли.

And which forests on our Прикарпатті! Almost half of domain is covered by their green carpet. It be believed that Івано-Франківщина has 10 by Ukraine forests percentages. In передгірській zone prevail the deciduous forests, and in mountains - coniferous.Here among breeds prevails a fir-tree, which the local habitants poetic name by fir, смерічкою and immortalize in names of sanitary establishments, feeding points, musical collective.

Then truth, that into times of communist владарювання карпатські forests as nearest to industrial centres cruelly and ownerless cut down. But the rumour about their full annihilation are exaggerated, and now nurserymen with care restore Карпат "green gold".

In woodsy thickets goes for a walk a вайлуватий вуйко-bear, sweeps along a light-footed chamois, ґаздують wild boars. State forestries attached to claims presence from hunters may organize hunt on these beasts, usually, in limited scales. Here still one can be run across thin beasts, about which Europe almost forgot is lynx, marten, ermine...

Part of mountain domain territory is by area 500 км кв. picked out into Карпатський national natural park. It envelops a small rivers riverhead to Twig and Black Черемошу from Г.Говерлою. Then is national park first for creation time in Ukraine. Task of park - to contribute to safety ландшафтів, vegetable and animal world, to create the suitable conditions for rest tourism, acquaintances with natural riches.

By itself, that having such lousy with money possibilities, received as a present by матінкою by nature, we have a file of famous health-resorts. In domain there are nine health-resort localities, act 11 sanatoriums and 15 sanatoriums-preventive clinics. For health-resort therapy make use of climatic cure, mineral baths. Among health-resorts - низькогірні Татарів, Яремче and city soviet Микуличин Яремчанської, Мислівка and New Мізунь Долинського of region, Шешори Kosivskogo region, alpine Ворохта and city soviet Яблуниця Яремчанської and бальнео-грязевий передгірний Черче Рогатинського health-resort of region.

Also Яремче is disposed in extraordinarily мальовничій hollow between mountains on shore to Twig, participates in glory of tourist Карпат capital (has over 40 establishments tourist-рекреаційних ). Ворохта is famous as centre of winter sport appearances. Here there is a complex of four spring-boards, that due to artificial coverage act all-the-year-round, лижний stadium, to which a funicular road conducts by length 1,5 of км.

A Карпатський Ukraine region is famous by riches of table-waters. Among Івано-Франківщини spas most famous there is a "Горянка"water source, analogic for action трускавецькій "Нафтусі", in с.Новий Мізунь Долинського region. On his base acts a sanatorium-preventive clinic "Прикарпаття Source ". Medical source properties "Буркут" for cure of internal organs were famous still in XIX a. Here on cure in 1901 y. abode Леся Ukrainian. For cure of supporting-impellent vehicle use the peat slobs and table-waters of Черче health-resort. Perspective for cure there are Шешори health-resort waters with high contents of organic matters and water йодо-бромні in с.Коршів Коломийського region.

Earth прикарпатська glorified in дазньоруських писемних instructions as осідок of east slavs.

In domain there are five bridges, that remember in давньоруських chronicles. Among Тисмениця (1143)them, Снятин (1158), Тлумач (1213), Коломия (1240). But most old is Галич, a first mention about which treats to 898 y. In 1998 year solemnly, on state level was distinguished 1100-річчя княжого града. In celebration brought along participation a Президент Л.state chapter Кучма. It's known, that Галич was by capital of powerful Галицького principality and Галицько-волинської state. Here is created National reserve "Old Галич".

From old earth thens Івано-Франківської, Львівської, Тернопільської domains, that diide joint destiny, have historic name - Галичина. History of this edge is wrestling age for will, long, obstinate, from generation into generation. The edge Lodgers are famous for its patriotism sense, national consciousness. Not by chance namely Прикарпаття gave Ukraine such fighters as glorious О.Довбуш опришків leader, one of ЗУНР founders, ideologist січового стрілецтва Д.Вітовський, ОУН conductor С.Бандера. Ukraine Independence 1990-1991рр. was won not into last turn due to public actions and to high self-discipline of galicians.

By Most cultural and economic centre of edge there is a regional centre Івано-Франківськ (250 lodgers thousands ), history of which налічує three with half of century. A Івано-Франківськ (then Станиславів) of during january-may 1919 year was by capital of Західноукраїнської popular republic. Here worked her running at the head from Є.Петрушевичем. Into this time here had been the prominent ukrainian t. діячі Грушевський, В.Винниченко, С.Петлюра, Є.Коновалець.

A Franc Івана Name a town bears from 1962 year. The Skilled specialists here prepare sparring establishments with traditions: Прикарпатський В.Стефаника ім. university, Technical petroleum university and gas. Medical academy, and also young people менеджменту Institute, філія of National academy of internal businesses, Spiritually-катехитичний institute of греко-catholic church. By Popularity into visitors make use the museums краєзнавчий and artistic, О.Довбуша museum, museum of liberation emulations of Прикарпатського edge.

By Important cultural and spiritual cell of edge was and remains a town Коломия, third for population after Івано-Франківська and Калуша. Population of town neighbourhoods created quite a few pearls of spiritual and material culture. Mention, хоча I, славнозвісні коломийки! In walls of local gymnasia reared such prominent Ukraine діячі as В.Стефаник, Марко Черемшина, Мартович Лесь, t. Павлик, Ірчан Мирослав, С.Мельничук. By Treasure-house of popular trades there is Коломийський a museum of popular Гуцульщини art and Є.Кобринського name Покуття, that acts from 1935 year.

A Ethnographic Івано-Франківщини population subdivides on Опілля, Покуття, Бойківщину and Гуцульщину. Their lodgers stored some distinctions in language, одязі, culture and way of life уже this come into notice of tourists.

Here are developed the different types of cargo artistic popular. In cutters hands, potters, мосяжників, weavers come into being мистецькі wares, that go away on world. By Acknowledged centre of guzul art is Косів. And home tourists foreign, and take for necessary to make a visit to celebrated косівський fair and to purchase for oneself the мистецькі wares. By Unique sparring establishment there is a Косівський college of applied and decorative art.

Payment of populated items into cultural edge treasure-house can be considered on example of guzul village Utoropy. that lies on way between Коломиєю and Косовом. A village This is for the first time remembers in 1367 year, is most old on Гуцульщині and even was in 1524 year магдебурське accorded right. By Підставою for this was stormy development of local солеварного trade. The Utoropy Lodgers were distinguished in wrestling for will and Ukraine independence. So far here was kept a cross, fixed 1849 year on corvee annulment honour. In village were born first Гуцульщини chronicler, author "Memorials" П.Ступницький, poet, former політв'язень, laureate of State Т.Шевченка Т.Мельничук ім. bonus, and also today in our midsts sheer academicians of National man problems academy Василь and Біленчуки Петро, owner of new structure, director of holding company "Step" in t. Івано-Франківську Табахарнюк. Mention, that in village began teachers' labour, wrote its first authoress works Підгірянка Марійка.

Ґa рунтовну monograph "Уторопи.Сторінки histories" handed our countryman, prominent Прикарпаття historian В. academician Грабовецький. Learned before in detail inquired into life and О.Довбуша activity and now works over десятитомними "By Прикарпаття history Drafts ".

Івано-Франківщина has a big in a civilized manner-historic legacy. Such old and valuable instructions as Пантелеймона church under XII Галичем (a.), Манявський XVII скит (a.), the wooden guzul and бойківські temples are famous for country boundary paths.

Tourist services lend more 20 tourist enterprises. Service, acceptable for western tourists, on grade level "three stars" provides a hotel "Роксана" in Івано-Франківську, rest base "Карпати" into Яремчі, holiday hotel "Карпатські daybreaks" of firm "Sport-turns" into Косові, preventive clinic "Яремча" into Яремчі, rest base "Синьогора" into с.Гута, sanatorium-preventive clinic "Прикарпаття Source " into с.Новий Мізунь.

On Прикарпаття territory налічується more 20-thou tourist itineraries:

mountain, water, pedestrian, bicycle, bus. Most interesting from them is:

mountain - on Г.Говерла and г. Priest-Іван, on Чорногірському spine (from lake Furious to Марічейка lake );

hydrogens are on Дністровському canyon and small rivers White and Black Черемош, Twig, Лімниця;

pedestrian - on Карпат полонинах, to Манявського waterfall;

лижний - on г.Кукул et al.

The Tourists have a possibility покататися on mountain skis into Яблуниці, Ворохті, Косові. On Дністрі there are the fine places for flights on дельтапланах and парапланах in Одаїв villages and region Ісаків Тлумацького. In itineraries creation perspective for amateurs to travel on mountain bicycles or on guzul grasshoppers.

All more popular in world today becomes village green tourism. This is a long while ago famous both to village masters and holiday-maker tourism appearance, that in Галичині was called літникарством, regenerates in us on new засадах. Still on age beginning in village edge farmsteads rested sizably celebrated peoples. By Original country-house стало mountain Криворівня village for І.Франка, t. Гушевського, t. Коцюбинського, Г.Хоткевича. Митрополит А.Шептицький arrived on rest in с.Марківці Тисменицького region, Б.Лепкий writer is in Черче Рогатинського region. Its villas had into Яремчі operatic t. singer Голинський, authoress І.Вільде. Today over 100 village masters ready to host in its farmsteads.

Exclusive of named above, our edge gave Ukraine sizably prominent peoples. Івано-Франківщина is by І.Вагилевича writers homeland, В.Стефаника, Черемшини Recognition, С.Гординського art critic, П.Бажанського composers, А.Кос-Анатольського, Я.Пстрака artists, В.Касіяна, t. sculptors Бринського, Г.Крука.

Today in Івано-Франківську live and fruitfully work known into діяспорі writer, laureate of State Т.Шевченка С.Пушик ім. Ukraine bonus, historian, is deserved a України culture worker П.Арсенич. In Львові deservingly represent our edge professor, deputy Supreme України З.Ромовська for the sake of, writer, Іваничук y. professor, фотохудожник, magazine editor "Lightly and shade" В.Пилип'юк. High carry wanting вихідців from прикарпатського edge in Києві public man, УНР president into екзилі to winning of independence by t. Ukraine Плав'юк, remarkable poet, one of Society founders of ukrainian and Motion, deputy Supreme України Д.Павличко For the sake of, Ф.Погребенник professor-philologist, soloist National opera, popular t. Ukraine artiste Стеф'юк. This list can be continued.

Extraordinarily important business make for ocean our countrymen: magazine editor t. "Гуцулія" (Чікаго) Домашевський and magazine editor "Гуцульщина" (Торонто) Б.Грабовецький, making тамтешню mass acquainted with our edge, inquiring into Прикарпаття history Гуцульщини.

Classic of ukrainian t. literature Рильський, effectuating a journey on Прикарпаттю, omitted lay hold of lines about it in "Карпатських octaves":

Which word this is amicable: Карпати !
It from a child by heart I злюбив.
In it and thunder майського розкати,
And dove-coloured distance of mountain spires,
And співанка of brown дівчати,
And vowel трембіти of herdsmen,
And losses melancholies, and copper поклик of glory...
On this permit will bring off octaves.

Bring off its description and we. Here will mention still, that by us is developed a documents packet about creation of special tourist-рекреаційної zone "Яремче", which is in finishing consideration stage in Ukraine running. In zone are foreseen the preferential conditions for busuness undertakings, and we count on investments flow, internal and foreign.

Then invite to acquaintance with edge of magic nature and sincere affable peoples, which with gladness will adopt on its earth each, who will want nearer to get to know this куточок незвіданий so far is Прикарпаття.

Vyshyvanyk Mykhaylo,

head of Івано-Франківської regional state administration


Journey to Ivano-Frankivsk

Journey from Львова (135 км) by passenger by train (3 год.), by sheduled bus (3,5 год.), by car (2,5 год.).

Івано-Франківський air-port well-off to take and to send aircraft of all types. It уже took "Боїнги" from new york and Манчестера. However now these flights are призупинені and conduct preparatory works for renewing of distant international trips.

Most tourist enterprises

1. Joint venture t. "Аускопрут" (Івано-Франківськ, st. Грюнвальдська, 7-9). General Попадюк А.В.director, тел.(03422) 5-91-14, 2-24-26. Inhabitation in hotel "Роксана"***. Dine-out. Cost of 10-daily rest 900 $ (attached to 3-разовому feeding) or 750 $ (breakfast).

2. Joint company t. "Hope" (Івано-Франківськ, st. Independence, 40). General t. Бойко director О., тел. (03422) 2-38-00, 3-10-99. Inhabitation in hotel "Ukraine". Dine-out. Cost of 10-daily rest 380 $ (attached to 3-разовому feeding) or 250 $ (breakfast).

3. Regional enterprise t. "Івано-Франківськтурист" (Івано-Франківськ, st. Мазепи Hetman, 135). General director В.О. Павлик, тел. (03422) 2-57-10,3-10-05.

  • Inhabitation in hotel "Прикарпаття". Dine-out. Cost of 10-daily rest 200 $ (attached to 3-разовому feeding) or 150 $ (breakfast).
  • Into service cost enter inhabitation, feeding, excursions. The Guides have english, german, french by languages. For separate pay can be organized трансфер with Франківська to Івано-Франківська, use by гірськолижним equipment into winter pore, hunt on bear, boar, roe.

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